Where To Buy Our Doors:

Bifold doors are available for purchase
online and at select Home Depot
locations under the store brand of:

Wood Classics

To locate your desired color and size
simply click on the Home Depot link
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ability and cost.
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Designed For A Custom Look!

Inspired to give your home a custom look with a plantation flair designed to last, our southern Texas company has developed an innovative process to produce a product that will not split, crack, fade or yellow.  With the combined effects from blistering heat and moisture conditions, wood products will eventually warp, chip, crack and even rot! Our products are constructed of a polymer composite that is warp resistant and moisture proof.  This results in a beautiful durable product that has timeless appeal.  This innovative process produces a modern product that is superior to wood with a furniture finish that is "Better than Wood." 

We are proud to produce the only Polymer Composite, Industry Exclusive 3" Plantation Style Louver Bifold Door.

We have provided as much information about our products throughout our website as possible in an attempt to help you decide which product and color you will need. In addition, we have supplied installation instructions so you can complete your project in a timely and trouble free process.

Better Than Wood!

“So real you won’t believe it’s not wood…In fact, it’s Better than Wood!”  Our products are made from a new innovative polymer composite material developed by Home Fashion Technologies which produces a product that has the beauty of wood, without the problems.

Readily Available!

As you visit our site and determine which door size and color will best suit your needs, you can click on the supplied link located on each page and immediately be directed to our vendor's website. Our bifold doors are available for purchase online and at select Home Depot locations under the store brand of "Wood Classics."

Exciting New Product!


LOCKiT!, the first double-bolt secure sliding glass door lock. LOCKiT! protects your family and gives you total peace of mind by securing your sliding glass door in your home or apartment with a patented double-bolt locking mechanism.

Watch the video and learn how you can make any sliding glass door a high security door with LOCKiT! 

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