Meet Our Solid Wood Bifold Doors

Why not give your home a designer custom look with 2 inch solid, prime wood plantation styled bifold doors. These doors are ready to install and can be used in interior areas of your home such as closet doors, pantry doors, and laundry and storage room doors as well as pass-through areas.

Styles, Finishes, and Sizes

Available in 3 styles: louver/louver, louver/panel, and 6-panel

2 finishes: Stain Ready and Primed Ready to Paint

5 sizes: 24×80, 28×80, 30×80, 32×80, and 36×80

Our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification

TemsaHome Fashion Technologies is proud that our production facility has earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Our facility manages, harvests and processes the pine wood used in our elegant bifold doors according to rigorous FSC standards that support sustainability and counteract global deforestation.

Wood Door Overview

  • Constructed of solid radiata pine wood
  • Opens to the left or right
  • Bottom door pivot allows up to ¾ inch height adjustment
  • Fits opening heights of 80 to 80-5/8 inches
  • Door is 1 inch thick
  • All hardware and track included
  • Ready to install in 4 easy steps
  • Fits standard doors sizes (custom sizes not available)
  • For double-width openings, just order two doors
  • Matching door knob included
  • Louver/Louver and Louver/Panel styles have fashionable 2 inch louvers
  • 6-Panel has raised panels on the front, flat panels on the back
  • Gives your home a custom look
  • Timeless appeal and beauty
We do not sell our products directly to the public.

You can purchase our products through these suppliers:

Wood Louver/Louver

Model #Description
120248020024×80 LL Primed
120248030024×80 LL Stain Ready
120288020028×80 LL Primed
120288030028×80 LL Stain Ready
120308020030×80 LL Primed
120308030030×80 LL Stain Ready
120328020032×80 LL Primed
120328030032×80 LL Stain Ready
120368020036×80 LL Primed
120368030036×80 LL Stain Ready

Wood Louver/Panel

Model #Description
125248020024×80 LP Primed
125248030024×80 LP Stain Ready
125288020028×80 LP Primed
125288030028×80 LP Stain Ready
125308020030×80 LP Primed
125308030030×80 LP Stain Ready
125328020032×80 LP Primed
125328030032×80 LP Stain Ready
125368020036×80 LP Primed
125368030036×80 LP Stain Ready

Wood Raised 6-Panel

Model #Description
160248020024×80 6P Primed
160248030024×80 6P Stain Ready
160288020028×80 6P Primed
160288030028×80 6P Stain Ready
160308020030×80 6P Primed
160308030030×80 6P Stain Ready
160328020032×80 6P Primed
160328030032×80 6P Stain Ready
160368020036×80 6P Primed
160368030036×80 6P Stain Ready
What size door should you order?
Finished OpeningActual Door SizeSize Door to Order
24 x 80 to 80.62523.75 x 78.7524×80
28 x 80 to 80.62527.75 x78.7528×80
30 x 80 to 80.62529.75 x 78.7530×80
32 x 80 to 80.62531.75 x 78.7532×80
36 x 80 to 80.62535.75 x 78.7536×80
48 x 80 to 80.625Two 23.75 x 78.75 doorsTwo 24×80 doors
56 x 80 to 80.625Two 27.75 x78.75 doorsTwo 28×80 doors
60 x 80 to 80.625Two 29.75 x 78.75 doorsTwo 30×80 doors
64 x 80 to 80.625Two 31.75 x 78.75 doorsTwo 32×80 doors
72 x 80 to 80.625Two 35.75 x 78.75 doorsTwo 36×80 doors

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“They were easy to install and simple to adjust. They look good and work well.”