Easy and perfect

Finally found a 28″ louver door for my master bathroom. I was debating cutting down a 30″ door but didn’t really want to do that. I ran across this one and paid a bit more, but its finished so I don’t have to paint it.
I was afraid I would need help installing it. The day it came, I had it up in less than 45 minutes. I only needed a bit of help at the end getting the bottom pin in while I held the top. My son was able to help with that.
Love it!

Louvre door

We bought this bifold door because we have 2 doors that (unfortunately) open back to back, and you always had to shut one to open the other. We were first impressed with the shipping container, the door came in perfect condition! This door is well made, and looks great. It was easy to hang; do need 2 people though. The only down side to the door was the knob. Though it looks nice, it is wood with a small brass insert for the screw. When we installed it, the knob pulled out of the wooden part. Though you could easily glue it back together, I just used another drawer type knob instead.
If you want a door that is nice looking and easy to install, I recommend this item. Big plus, the price is right too!


Best sliding glass door lock I’ve found

Im a woman and even I was able to install it, Directions are a bit over written – had to highlight the important installation information in between all the examples and explanations but once It was installed I was amazed – my door can’t be opened by others nor my 4 year old, and that makes me happy and feeling safe. This is truly the best ideal design i have found, other designs out there are bulky or easy for children to remove – this looks professional.


Excellent solution to lock sliding glass door
I searched for a solution to add a lock to our sliding glass door at our back patio. While I was afraid to use a drill to drill holes in metal and maybe break the glass, the instructions were clear, the videos are absolutely spot on good, and I was able to install the lock. It works great.


Saved us 700 dollars

couldn’t replace the lock and handle on patio doors that had been so badly damaged by previous owners. This product saved us from having to replace the whole door. It secures the door just like it says and for under 50 dollars!


Easy to use sliding glass door lock.

We like this lock. Easy to install. Looks good and is very simple to use. It adds to the security of our home.


Thank You Now I Can Sleep

Pieces can be reversed for installation. Works great!


Better than what comes on sliding door

So far so good, locks up tight, more secure than flimsy latches that come on sliding glass doors….


Great product

This is a simple yet Great product. A must have for all sliding doors.


Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock

I cannot believe how many people have commented on how good this lock is and that they didn’t already know about it. This is the not the first one of these I have purchased or recommended to people. The value for money is excellent, they are easy to install (and no you won’t break the glass in the door). The only way anyone is getting through your sliding glass door with one of these locks on it is if they smash the glass. This lock prevents the door being lifted out of the track. I buy properties all the time and its the first thing I buy if there is a glass sliding door. I watched a youtube video and put them in myself and if I can do it……..